I believe creative challenges can be beautiful

As a child, I drew in all the empty spaces of my homework, illustrated home-made storybooks, created funny characters, and well what can I say, no internet in the '80s.
Today in the year 2021, as a professional with 15 years of experience, I can take a large amount of information and turn it into a vibrant, interesting, and remarkable work.
I love to spend my time creating beautiful things.

I am that person who lives in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are but as they could be.


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Viktors Farmor Travel Catalogue 2022 Logotype Clinique Petite Mr. Potato Packaging development Link to KROSCH website Infographic Packaging - chocolate Logo - Equine supplements Poster AAK Spreads campaign packaging Viktors Farmor Travel Catalogue 2022 Infographic Promotional advertisement Logo - Commercial Academy Newsletter for Arla Food Ingredients KROSCH website Brochure - Computational Thinking Supermarket order forms Digital banner Fries paper cone Brown paper bag Favrskov Kommune - Information brochure Favrskov Kommune - Flyer Favrskov Brandvæsen - Poster Stop smoking campaign - Poster Favrskov Kommune - Poster Favrskov Kommune - Digital banner Favrskov Kommune - Previous website Favrskov Kommune - Intranet layout Instructions manual Promotional flyer My portrait - vector drawing

Elizabeth's portrait

Let's work together

Elizabeth is a professional Graphic Designer living in Aarhus, Denmark. She is the person behind the projects who brings art, design, and technology into your everyday life.
If you believe she can be a part of your team, please contact her using one of the links below.